Chocolate – The Good, the Bad, and The Reality

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” 
― Charles M. Schulz

Chocolate has always played a special role in our species.  In Mayan and Aztec religious events, priests presented cacao seeds as offerings to the gods, and served it in drinks during sacred ceremonies.

is chocolate health is it good for you

Those areas that grew cacao beans that were conquered by the Aztecs, were ordered to pay cacao as a tribute - so chocolate in its early forms was essentially money.  So it's not hard to imagine why chocolate has long been associated as a symbol of decadence. 
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[REVIEW] Buda Juice Cleanse

Buda Juice Review

Do you eat the required amount of veggies every day? If you're like the majority of North Americans, you probably don't. (and the condiments on your burger don't really count as a serving, just sayin')

Depending on which guide you look at it, you are told to get in anywhere from 5 - 10 servings of fruits and vegetables a day.   

While the guides say fruits and vegetables, I always advise my clients to get more vegetables in than fruits, especially if they're trying to control any blood sugar issues they have.   Continue reading →

Why most people fail at New Year’s Resolutions – how to get back on track

Why most people fail in their New Year's Resolutions.

why people fail at new years resolutionsToday marked 6 weeks since New Years Day.  Did you make getting healthier/losing weight/quitting smoking one of your New Year's goals?

If so, you're one of over 40% of North Americans who make a resolution and one of 21% who make a health related resolution.

However, Forbes reported that only 8% of people who make resolutions are still working on them at the 6 week mark.  

That's over a 80% failure rate.  And if you're over 50 you're more likely to drop off than those in their 20's.

Why is it so hard?

I was shocked at the numbers, and wanted to find out why so many people fall short of success.  (I really don't like the word fail)

Here is what I found out.

Many people make too many resolutions. 

Focus on one resolution, rather several.  What is the most important thing for you in your life right now that you want to change?  Find that out and work on it.

People set unrealistic goals. 

Set realistic, specific goals - losing weight is not a specific goal. Losing 10 pounds in 90 days would be.  Set realistic, specific goals and break them up in chunks - i.e. lose 1 pound a week or 1 inch on your waist every 2 weeks.

Too much pressure (or alcohol) on New Years Eve.

Making changes and resolutions don't have to only be made on January 1, or the beginning of a month, or a Monday. Make it a year long process, focus on small goals every day.


Many people get overwhelmed at what they resolved to do.  Take small baby steps. I find that many people quit because the goal is too big requiring too many changes all at once.

No support

People who have family or friend support succeed.  They have cheerleaders to help them.  Ask someone to be your accountability buddy or hire a health coach to help you.  It is great to have someone close to you that believes in what you are doing that can help you stay on track.


Celebrate each step - small or large.  Be sure to celebrate your success between milestones. Don't wait the goal to be finally completed.  If your goal is to lose weight, but that week you didn't lose any, what non-scale victory can you celebrate?  Did you choose to walk up the stairs one day instead of taking the elevator?  Celebrate it!

Achieving better health, and/or losing weight can be done.  You just need the correct tools.

This is where I can help.  As a certified healthcare practitioner, I have the knowledge and experience to help you make the changes in your life to get healthier, lower your blood sugar, lower your cholesterol, lose weight, and balance your hormones, (just to name a few).  

I have a special 4 day Jumpstart program you can have for FREE, that will get you started on your healthy eating journey.  Click here to download.

If you'd like to have more accountability, then check out my 3 month programs here.  

Not sure which one to choose? Then book a 30 minute health discovery call with me to talk about your goals.  I've only opened up 5 spots - be sure to book yours today!


7 Tips to Establish Good Eating Habits and Mindful Eating

mindful eating tipsWe all want to establish good eating habits. Perhaps you've heard people use the term mindful eating. 

Time moves so quickly.  In a blink of an eye, another month has gone by.

A lot of people fall into the trap of mindless eating when things get busy and life gets hectic. Unfortunately, most of the time, food choices made under stress are not the healthiest. The stress hormone cortisol messes with our appetite and causes us to crave sugar.

Have you ever gone to take a last bite of something and looked down and realized it is all gone and you don't remember eating it all? That's mindless eating and is a detriment to a healthy eating plan.     

I actually heard a name for this - "snaccident"  Continue reading →