Seminars and Workshops

Seminars/Presentations, Corporate Workshops/Lunch 'n Learn

Seminars/presentations and workshops are interactive sessions of about 1 hour each, but can be customized to fit you and your organization or company needs.

Please contact us for more information on how Patricia Eales, RHN, can deliver powerful and effective nutrition and lifestyle strategies to your organization or company.

Better health equals more energized, productive, and happy employees with fewer days missed due to sickness.

Some popular topics are:


  • Aging Gracefully - Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and Insomnia, Oh My!:  Find out why you don't need to suffer through Menopause, and learn healthy, natural ways to help you sail through this 'time of life'.
  • Surviving the Cold & Flu Season:  Protect your immune system and your Waist Line Naturally
  • Reducing Your Risk of Alzheimers:  What you can do now to avoid becoming one of the 1/2 million Canadians suffering from Alzheimers and Dementia
  • Searching for that Heart of Gold:  You're not getting old! Learn what heart healthy foods can reduce your risk of developing heart disease, heart attacks and stroke
  • Age is Just a Number!:  Don't let that number dictate how you feel!
  • Super Oh!some Solutions (S.O.S): Delicious, Quick and Healthy Meal Ideas for Students and Working Professionals
  • What are you 'Weighting' For?:  Healthy, Natural and Nutritious Weight Loss
  • Sick and Tired? You don't need to feel this way!: Discover what is causing you to feel this way, and learn how small changes can give you GREAT results!
  • My Kids Ask for Broccoli! Healthy Eating for Families: easy ways to get your picky eater to love what you cook, how to recognize and deal with food sensitivities and when an upset tummy could be digestive issues.
  • What's in My Food?: How to decipher food labels and avoid unhealthy and potential toxic ingredients